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Meet Our Pastors

Rev. Jason E. Schweinberg, an ordained elder in the Western Pennsylvania Conference, has been serving as a pastor since 2006. He also served for three years in the North Carolina Conference. In addition to doing pastoral work in two different conferences, he had the opportunity to serve as a hospice chaplain/medical social worker for over three years in the Greensburg, PA area.
Jason earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master of Science from the School of  Social Work, University of Pittsburgh, and a Master of  Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. His home church, where he received his call into ministry, is Homestead Park United Methodist Church in the Pittsburgh District. Jason identifies preaching, building relationships and visitation as some of his gifts for ministry.

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Kyle M. Eisenhuth grew up in Harrison City, PA and has attended the Community UM Church since the age of 2. In 2019, he graduated from Liberty University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. While attending Liberty, he led the school’s pro-life ministry. Kyle was integral in several changes to campus policy which provide support for pregnant and parenting students. Kyle just completed his second year at Asbury Seminary, pursuing his Master of Divinity degree.


Kyle has close ties with his family. In addition to his parents, he has two younger sisters. Kyle also has many extended family who reside in and around Knox, PA.


Kyle felt called into ministry from an early age. He likes to joke that his options were to become a pastor or get swallowed by a whale. Having been approved by the Greensburg DCOM as a certified candidate for ministry and completing Licensing School in August of 2020, this will be Kyle’s first appointment. He will serve part-time while finishing his Master of Divinity degree online. He is looking forward to coming home to western Pennsylvania after several years of attending school out of the state. Kyle feels especially called to preaching and helping churches form a strategy/vision. Although too young to rent a car, Kyle is enthusiastic to serve the Church as a part-time local pastor.

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